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Air cargo transportation is among the most important service alternatives for many industries, despite the fact that it is seen as a high-cost transportation method, it is a model requiring first-class service in terms of both speed and quality. For this reason, the knowledge, expertise and capabilities of the team to carry out the transactions and a strong network structure that can be accessed quickly are the most significant elements in the international success of the operation. The fact that it is less risky and faster than other transportation modes and the ability to transport perishable products with high commercial value has allowed the sector to grow rapidly between countries. As the Arx Cargo family, it has taken its place in the industry in parallel with the investments made by our country in the field of air cargo and the significant increase in air cargo capacity in recent years and with its expert team, it offers the best quality service to our valued customers.

What is Air Freight?

As it is well known transportation or the concept of cargo, it means picking up any product, any material from a desired place, and delivering it to another desired point, again at the desired time, under healthy conditions. Today, although there are many businesses providing services in this field, classical cargo companies usually come to mind when the expression cargo is used. A product is delivered, an address is given, product is delivered to the address as soon as possible, without any deterioration or deformation, and the necessary information is given to the shipment address.

Air transport also means acting within the same principles. In provision to the question what is air transport, in general terms? it can be expressed as the completion of the delivery process, delivering the classical cargo concept to the desired points by air and planes.


Of course, there are obvious differences, compared to conventional road or rail transport. Faster processing time, faster material delivery to the desired point or the product sent are among the main reasons for its preference.

In the present day when the companies rendering services in this scope are considered, it can be seen that a process dominating the understanding of international transportation to different countries is exhibited. It points to a well-known fact that some businesses send their planes to all airports in the world on seven continents and render service to every point.

Giant logistics companies have brought air transport to the highest point with the services they have rendered in this context.

Quick solutions, economical solutions, high quality solutions, practical solutions, advantages, and airline understanding are confronted by the users and those in need and the understanding of door-to-door service has been combined with the airline transportation system.

What are the Types of Cargo in Air Freight?

When we look at the understanding of air transport, it is possible to see that a definition is made as all kinds of goods and all kinds of products. In general terms, what are the types of air transport and freight? You may come across a response in the form of bringing a desired product to the buyer at the desired time. If service options are to be sorted under headings, it will be possible to use the following expressions;

  • All kinds of project transportation
  • Transportation of all kinds of import and export products
  • Funeral transport by air
  • Consolidated cargo transportation
  • Transit loading system transportation
  • Conveying special transport systems
  • All kinds of dangerous goods transportation
  • Transportation of all kinds of manufactured products
  • Valuable document transportation
  • Valuable commodity transportation
  • Transporting worthless documents

Future of the Air-ways Transport

Air transport, within the scope of today's needs, renews itself day by day and makes the transportation system valid between different countries. In classical comprehension; Although it is considered as a system used in domestic transportation in any country, when today's import and export potential is examined, the future of air transportation is revealed more effectively.

The transportation system standing out in the rapid delivery of a product produced in any country in the world or a product desired to be marketed, or a package desired to be forwarded to any region, to any country will be the air transport in the future as it is today.

It is seen that the understanding of faster transportation, more economical transportation, better quality transportation, more advantageous transportation is developing day by day.


Air transport develops from airports to airports, door to door, within the principles of fast and safe delivery and what stands before this industry will be the concept of time speed.

Air transportation in the world where the principle of providing service to every point where an airplane or all airlines can fly has developed rapidly, as a superior feature, it stands out as a superior cargo service.

Transporting any product produced in Turkey to different countries in seven continents, the delivery of a product produced in any country to Turkey with hours or with maximum daily understandings at remote levels, accelerates development process of this industry. Of course, sea transportation, of course, land transportation can be the most preferred options today.

However, when the concept of fast delivery is brought to the agenda, the potential magnitude for this industry will be understood more clearly.

With the preference increasing day by day, the expectations of the product suppliers or the product buyers are to deliver the products produced and sold in the same standards to the needy, rather than the quality and product economy. Therefore, if you are a business owner or if you are considering buying or sending a product from a place as a person, it is an application that is recommended to apply to professional businesses about questions such as and get consultancy services with questions such as First, what is air transport? How is it done? In which countries is it valid or what distances are also valid?.

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